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SUNGNY is located in the new and Dynamic Kunshan of China. We have the most professional design team and the most advanced production equipment. We are proud of the solutions we provide to our customers And ready to take on any of the toughest insulation challenges.

We introduce a full set of high-tech production equipment, coupled with professional training operators and efficient business management mode, to ensure the production of the best insulation products.

In order to ensure that employees are competent and motivated, SUNGNY attaches great importance to the education and training of employees. We have the responsibility and vision to focus on creating unprecedented insulation solutions.

Sungny customers enjoy a series of products and services, at the same time, can obtain good economic returns and value return, which is our goal has always been the same, is also the embodiment of our product quality and value. Sungny product range:

Suitable for plastic, chemical, electronic, automobile and other industries, such as: Cylinder, pipeline, Valve, Flange, Fan, oil pump, exhaust pipe, engine, etc.