Electrical Energy Detection

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The main contents of power monitoring services include: By understanding the customer’s power consumption and production of basic information the use of monitoring equipment within a certain period of time For statistics.Based on the understanding of the energy consumption situation and monitoring data,Conduct Energy Audit Analysis,Judge the safety defect of the customer’s current power system、Energy-saving space、Ways to save energy and carry on the analysis of energy-saving Investment Return,Complete the energy saving diagnosis report of the Enterprise,The potential analysis and suggestions of energy saving are put forward. Power monitoring equipment:
Data Analysis:
CONCLUSION: According to the icons,Sungny injection molding machine installed on No. 7 special energy-saving insulation cover than No. 8 machine electricity consumption significantly reduced,Power consumption is positively correlated with production The above data are part of the analysis report,Please call for details:0512-36601119 18936113620(Mr. Wu)