Dryer Heat Shield

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Dryer Heat Shield

Using SUNGNY insulation cover can improve the injection molding industry environment and energy-saving transformation needs,Improve molding quality,Increase Productivity,For the use of enterprise units to bring good economic and social benefits.
We know,In the injection molding industry, if the heater of the injection molding machine is exposed to air, it will lose a lot of heat energy,To consume electrical energy,Therefore, we suggest that the installation of injection molding machine insulation cover to reduce energy waste.
Main effects:
1 Energy saving
Energy source for heater of injection molding machine(Electricity):Frugality20%-60%
Injection molding machine total energy(Electricity):Frugality5%-15%
Air-conditioning efficiency of injection molding field:Maximum improvement50%,Save on air-conditioning costs
2 To improve the molding quality
TEMPERATURE OF INJECTION HEATING GAS:To maintain a uniform temperature,Can reduce the defective rate
Heater Life:Twice as long(Automatic control of heat output)
3  Increase Productivity
Operating Environment:Reduce the risk of burns, scalds, etc.
Molding site:Keep it nice and warm
Reduce standby time during molding operation
Reduced heat loss control
Prevent people from getting burned and control the ambient temperature
Rapid Assembly and disassembly by designing multiple components
It can be disassembled and used repeatedly
Direct installation without training of workers
Can Be installed without additional materials and tools

Product characteristics: 

1、Save energy:Reduce the loss of heat energy, recycling, saving about 35% power.

2、Clean up the environment:Closed design, filter dust, avoid pollution.

3、Heat efficiency:Concentration of heat energy, speed up the drying rate.

4、High temperature resistant filter and air duct,Easy loading and unloading.

5、Heat insulation cover and hot air recovery and use, the effect is better.