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Insulating sleeve for injection molding machine

Use SUNGNY insulation from bare (although the equipment has a metal cover) equipmentCan have an unexpected effect.

Applications:plastic extrusion blow molding equipment
Sungny insulation system is a leading design, designed to significantly reduce heat loss energy-saving solutions,Cover plastic extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and surface temperature to reduce heat loss,to save energy, thereby saving electricity for production and air conditioning.In addition, saving energy and reducing energy consumption and reducing heat loss will improve the surrounding working environment,To increase overall productivity.

SUNGNY Insulation Cover,Will save a lot of energy costs.Any covered surface can achieve more than 85% heat loss.Average surface temperature of about 50 °C,In less than six months,Improving the competitiveness of enterprises.In addition, reduce the probability of heat stroke. 

SUNGNY Insulation Cover it’s a highly customized product.durable, able to withstand high temperatures and frequent disassembly.

SUNGNY Insulation Cover Non-standard customization.It can be applied to almost any heating device.For a variety of industries.

SUNGNY Insulation Cover has  become A well-known brand in the insulation industry,Because the products are in the high quality and high engineering standards under the premise of production.Kunshan’s Sungny aims to be a leader in insulation,Help solve your insulation and heat insulation problems.


①Special imported environmental protection material sewing; not ordinary asbestos material
②The utility model has the advantages of non-viscosity, non-conductivity, high temperature resistance, non-spontaneous combustion, non-corruption, corrosion resistance, etc.;
③Plastic machine gun barrel heating ring all heat insulation sleeve,with non-thermal conductivity, surface temperature of about 45 °C;
④It can save 20%-60% of the power consumption of heating ring, and the investment cost can be recovered in 6 ~ 8 months
⑤Help to ensure high precision injection molding quality;
⑥Can prevent the operator accidental Scald, reduce the risk of work injury;
⑦Effectively reduce the temperature of injection molding workshop, improve the Working Environment, improve work efficiency, reduce the loss of workers;
⑧Can reduce the CO2 emission, every year 3000kg-5000kg;
⑨Disassembly and assembly is very convenient, easy to maintain and maintain.