The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Work Together to formulate innovative guidance on energy conservation

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Issued jointly by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 《2014-2015 energy saving and Emission Reduction Science and Technology Specific Action Plan 》 To the president of the United States . The plan will focus on the scientific and technological needs of key industries, key areas and typical regions for energy conservation and emission reduction, capture key generic technologies in key industries, increase the integration and application of technologies in key areas, and enhance the scientific and technological innovation capacity of industries related to energy conservation and emission reduction We will promote the large-scale application of new technologies and products, and upgrade the technological innovation capacity and industrialization level of energy-saving and emission-reduction industries.

As a major target, the plan proposes that by the end of 2015, science, technology and innovation will have significantly enhanced the support capacity of the country to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction targets, and an independent intellectual property system for Energy Conservation and emission reduction technologies and equipment will have taken initial shape The system of technical standards and norms related to energy conservation and emission reduction has been further improved, the system of scientific and technological innovation and service capacity for Energy Conservation and emission reduction has been preliminarily established, and the popularization and application of Energy Conservation and emission reduction technologies has formed scale effect.
Specifically, 150 items of common and key technologies have been broken through, energy efficiency of relevant key equipment has been increased by more than 10 per cent, and 100 items of national or industrial technical standards have been formulated and revised; 300 items of advanced and applicable technologies have been promoted in key industry organizations, china will carry out 100 major energy-saving and emission-reduction technology demonstration projects, and increase the application penetration rate by 30 percent. China will build 20 national energy-saving and emission-reduction Science and technology innovation demonstration bases, which will have the capability of technological innovation, Integrated Services and industrialization promotion China will form at least 20 strategic alliances for technology innovation in energy-saving and emission-reduction-related industries, form a number of state key laboratories, state engineering research centers and innovation teams, and improve the national energy-saving and emission-reduction Technology Service Platform.
As a key task, the plan calls for major scientific and technological needs for energy conservation, emission reduction and optimization and upgrading in relevant fields such as industry, energy, transportation, agriculture, construction, resources and the environment We will accelerate research and development of common key technologies such as energy cascade utilization, source reduction and resource recycling in key industries such as electric power, iron and steel, building materials and non-ferrous metals Breakthroughs have been made in key technologies such as fuel efficiency, lightening of vehicles and reduction of Tail Gas Pollutants, and Research and Development on technologies for agricultural non-point source pollution control and small-scale decentralized pollutant treatment have been accelerated We will intensify research and development of new technologies, materials and equipment for energy conservation in green buildings and buildings, and promote research on key technologies and complete equipment for the utilization of renewable resources, domestic waste and pollution-based energy.