Leakproof type heat-insulating sleeve

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Leak proof rubber type heat insulation sleeve

Sewing of special imported high temperature environmental protection material;
Non-stick、Non-conducting、High temperature resistance、Non-spontaneous combustion、Non-putrefaction、Corrosion resistance and other advantages;
Heating ring of plastic machine barrel it’s all insulated,It doesn’t conduct heat,The surface temperature is about 45 °C.
The utility model can save the electricity consumption of the heating ring 20%-60%, 6 ~ 8 months recoverable investment cost;
Helps to ensure high precision injection molding quality;
Can prevent the operator accidental Scald, reduce the risk of industrial injury;
Effectively reduce the temperature of injection molding workshop, improve the Working Environment, Increase Productivity, Reduce the loss of workers;
CAN REDUCE CO2 emissions,Every year3000kg-5000kg;
It’s very easy to disassemble and assemble,Easy to maintain and maintain.
Performance Index:

       1.  Thermal conductivity:0.015W/M·K—0.045  W/M·K±0.005(At Room temperature)。
       2.  High and low temperature resistance:High temperature resistance 1260℃,Low temperature resistance -70℃ 。
       3.  Flame retardancy:Nonflammable 。
       4.  Density:100-220Kg/m3 。
       5.  Thickness:10-100mm 。
       6.  Hygroscopicity:<5% 。

Main applications:

      Sungny thermal insulation cover is widely used in petrochemical industry,chemical engineering,Spinning, metallurgy, electric power, construction, kiln, paper making,Thermal equipment and pipelines in the fields of pharmacy, shipping, etc.HVAC and refrigeration units.It is suitable for all kinds of pipes, equipment insulation heat insulation,It is an ideal heat insulation solution for Piping and equipment.Piping, elbow, Farlane, valve, mirror, tee, chemical reactor,Equipment, thermal power nuclear steam turbine units, heads, pumps, steel plants and other high-temperature environment instrument box,And other members of the opposite sex.
Sungny insulation cover heat insulation effect is good, easy to disassemble and assemble,Easy daily maintenance, can be used repeatedly, no pollution to the environment,No skin irritation after contact with human body.